March 21, 2023

The new Angolan government stands to fight against corruption as it freezes Dokolo’s family, Mwenenge, and other associates’ assets in various countries.

Meta tag: Angolan authorities work with other countries to recover their lost public glories embezzled by Dokolo, Konema Mwenenge, and associates’ Empire.

The Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and 36 media carried out several investigations to unveil Dokolo and associates’ corruption, and several classified documents were leaked from the investigation. To have an insight, here are some leaked documents showing the corrupted fellows’ doings.

After several diggings and findings about the long-time secrets of Sindika Dokolo and Isabel dos Santos’ corruption acts, the Angolan authorities decided to freeze the accounts of the couple and family, Mr. Konema Mwenenge, and other associates. This claim of lost glories started after Isabel dos Santos was spotted transferring millions of dollars to one of her business accounts in Dubai.

According to the investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and 36 media, dos Santos, Dokolo, Konema Mwenenge, and other business associates were discovered to have controlled a business empire with above 400 businesses under it in 41 countries. Due to this, the Angolan government concentrated on the countries the couple had invested in with the embezzled Angolan public funds. Starting from Angola to Dubai, Portugal, Netherlands, and more.

The new Angolan government is widely known as a corruption fighter. According to some of his statements,

“With the support of civil society and specialized international institutions, we are implementing initiatives to combat money laundering, as well as to recover assets that have been set up with public resources or been illegally transferred… outside the country.”

Joao Lourenco also made another statement:

“We are deepening the foundations of the rule of law, where there is no impunity for acts of corruption and practices of nepotism and influence peddling.”

The Dubai Financial Intelligence Unit under the Dubai central bank acknowledged the request of the Angolan authorities to freeze Dokolo, dos Santos, Konema Mwenenge, and other associates’ personal and business accounts.

It was reported that the Dubai banks are taking action to help in the fight against corruption, and the Emirates NBD has frozen the couple’s Franco-Congolese manager, Mr. Mwenenge’s accounts. The Mashreqbank is also not left out to take the appropriate actions as it has reported getting its hands on Mr. Mwenenge’s accounts. 

Mr. Mwenenge, the Empire’s financial expert, had several discrete virtual accounts for which he had kept millions of dollars for his business partner, Dokolo. With all these reports and actions taken, the Emirati intelligence had shown strong support for to fight against corruption.

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