March 21, 2023

The recent Israeli strikes have led to some very tough questions for Islamic Jihad. The organization has denied that the strikes were a result of a rocket attack on Israeli territory and has accused Israel of being behind the attacks. The Israeli military said it was retaliating against the group for mobilizing its forces in the Palestinian territories. But the group insists they are under control and everything is under control.

The attack on Israel was a response to rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. In response, Israel carried out 147 air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip. The attacks left at least 46 Palestinians dead and around 360 injured. Israel responded by hitting the rockets, which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system. After the attacks, Israel carried out several more strikes on other targets.

Hamas, the pre-eminent Palestinian group in Gaza, has been restrained in its response. Its leader Ismail Haniyeh has appealed to mediators to stop the violence. However, Friday’s strikes come after Israeli forces captured a senior Islamic Jihad commander, Bassam al-Saadi, during a raid on Monday night in Jenin. During the raid, a 17-year-old Palestinian associated with Islamic Jihad was shot dead in an exchange of gunfire.

After the strikes on Israel, Palestinians in Gaza face tough questions, despite a ceasefire. Islamic Jihad has been urged to improve its rocket range and explosive power. But the rockets that did reach Israel were not mechanically sophisticated and fell back to Gaza. Israel also intercepted two rockets that were aimed at the outskirts of Jerusalem. Despite this, the situation remains unpredictable. It is important to take precautions if visiting the area. Stay away from conflict areas, follow the advice of local authorities, and monitor the media for the latest updates. The Palestinians are suffering a lot due to this three-day escalation. Although Hamas has publicly supported Islamic Jihad, it has not entered the battle.

Despite their number of fighters, Islamic Jihad continues to face tough questions. The Israeli army said it had intercepted more than five80 rockets in Gaza, but two of them were fired into Jerusalem. Despite this, the International Community must intervene to stop the attacks and restore normalcy. Meanwhile, +972 continues to cover the ongoing Israeli assault on Palestinian civil society. The new document fails to link Islamic Jihad to terrorism, despite its claim that it is linked to terrorist activities.

The attacks are the latest escalation in an ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Despite the threats, Israel has refused to back down and has made life difficult for the Palestinians in Gaza. The strikes, meanwhile, have forced Hamas to remain mostly silent. But the question remains: “What next?”

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